Website design

So you know what to expect, here's our process for creating your website

Making the whole experience enjoyable for you
Our simple 3 step process

Many people are unclear about how to go about creating their website and getting it online. We take care of the whole thing for you. We'll help you choose a good domain name and provide the necessary website hosting. If you want, we'll even write the content and take photographs as required. We'll even do all the content updating for you for a modest hourly charge.

The first step is to call us and have a chat. If we sound like the people who you would trust to create a distinctive website, then it's a simple 3 step process as described below.

Step one: We collect ideas and develop the design concept

We chat with you about websites in general to try and find out the sort of things you like. You might tell us about websites you've seen that you like, or you might describe the style or feel that you would like to achieve with the website.

We'll learn what matters most to you about the website and we'll document your ideas and requirements which will guide our design.

Later, we'll mock up a few website design options to test your likes and dislikes and we'll incorporate your ideas as we go, responding quickly to all the updates and changes that follow.

Step two: We get a feel for your business and formulate the website style

We come and visit you at your place of work to look, listen and learn. We take photographs and gather material. If you have an existing logo, promotion material like flyers or brochures, we collect them at this time.

We try to understand the essence of your business and its ethos in order to reflect its character and spirit in the website design.

We examine your house-style and branding, which we will then try to enhance with the thoughtful and imaginative use of images, style and colours.

Step three: We create a website that will stand out from the crowd!

If you're clear about what you want, that's great. We will take your vision and turn it into reality.

If you're unsure what you want, we'll try out some of our ideas until we find something youreally like.

We love words too, and if you don't have content of your own, we'll willingly help you write the website text.

If you have a date in mind for the website launch, then that becomes our goal.

If you get busy running your business, we soldier on so we'll be ready when you refocus. If you suddenly get free and inspired, we'll rearrange our diary accordingly.

Our committments
A website you'll be proud of

Our design process ensures that you end up with the website you want. ~ and we keep trying until you say the job's right!

A website that stands out

We'll use our creativity to make you a website that is different and stunning. ~ each of our websites is unique, distinctive, and very stylish.

A website that fits your business

We'll be sure to reflect the nature, character and spirit of your business in our design. ~ we'll do this with the style, images and colour scheme.


Since all our websites are bespoke, a fixed price cannot be determined until we get a good feel for the shape and size of the proposed website. (Number of pages, complexity, amount of content etc.) Most times this is established at the end of the first consultation. As a general guide, a small website will be around £400, a medium website around £600, and a complex website around £1000. Full payment is due on the launch date of the new website. Three months support after launch is included in the price.